Top five reasons to rent a Florida villa over a hotel

If you’ve got a large family or even if there’s just a few of you, staying in a hotel room can be a nightmare. The fight for bathroom time, trying to watch the tv on low when the kids are asleep next to you, not much privacy and even less space.

Staying in a villa gives you the freedom of multiple rooms, more than one bathroom and usually a good tv and wifi package much better than those in a hotel. Many villa owners leave DVD players and DVDs so you can entertain the kids whilst sitting down with a glass of wine and enjoying some downtime. Depending on which community your villa is in, you could be lucky enough to be able to play tennis, golf or use the communal pool, all the added benefits of finding the right villa community to stay in.

Florida can see some serious wet days so if you have a spacious villa, being inside for a couple of hours won’t see you all cooped up together when you have a couple of hours to kill before the glorious sunshine pops out again.

Eating in

For those conscious of the mounting costs of eating out during the day, especially those with large families, eating in can be a great way to cut costs. Villas usually come with fully equipped kitchens and more often than not are located only a few minutes away from large supermarkets meaning you’ll have everything you need within reach to cook up some great meals. Alternatively, if you’re feeling lazy after a long day around the parks you can always call up for a takeaway and have your food delivered to your door without moving from the telly.

Your own pool

A pool at a Villa in Orlando

There’s nothing better than lounging around the pool-even better when it’s your own private pool. This means not having to ‘bagsy’ a space around the communal pools or wait for other families to leave so you can get a sun lounger. You can keep an eye on young children easily and no need to worry about them getting lost in a crowd whilst you sit back and enjoy cold drinks from the fridge in your kitchen, (and it’s not one of those mini fridges you can’t fit anything in!)


This may be one you haven’t considered and let’s face it who wants to be washing and ironing clothes on holiday? Having said this if you are away for some time, most villas have excellent washing and drying facilities which means you can easily wash and dry your clothes with minimum fuss without the worry of running out of clothes (especially with that teeny tiny baggage allowance you were allowed..) Plus no need to catch up on it all when you get home!

It’s Cost-effective

If you book directly with a villa owner you can get a really good deal. You may find booking with a travel agent means occupancy charges and other possible hidden charges, therefore, driving up the price. The benefit is that villas come in all sizes with usually 4 to 5 bedrooms and some even with space for two families, meaning you can share the costs making it even cheaper.

If you are nervous about booking a holiday without going through a travel operator then do not worry, we have created a step by step guide on how to book your Orlando vacation, we have covered everything you will need to know!

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