The Best time to visit Orlando, Florida

When is the best time to visit Orlando?

So you are thinking of visiting Orlando, but not sure when is the best time to visit? We take a look at a few factors to help you decide when it comes to that all-important holiday which should make it easier to help you decide when to book your next vacation to Orlando, Florida!

There are generally three factors to consider when choosing the best time of year to visit Orlando – accommodation prices, average daily temperatures and also Orlando crowds and queuing times.

Where to stay in Orlando?

If you are hoping to visit Orlando on a budget or if getting a good deal is your priority, (especially if you are taking the whole family), you may want to think about visiting at certain times of the year when accommodation prices tend to be lower.

It is important to note that Disney ticket prices do not fluctuate throughout the year but accommodation prices and crowds do, so if you can, try and avoid visiting the parks in the holiday season and at peak periods.

The most expensive time to visit is the Christmas period and also the Easter break when hotel prices can almost double. If you wish to visit at these times you may find that renting a villa in Orlando may be a cheaper alternative to a hotel as you can book directly with the owners, with so many fantastic communities you can stay, you really will be spoilt for choice.

Magic Kingdom at Christmas time

You also need to be cautious of Peak Periods. The second most expensive time of the year to visit is any time that coincides with special events or other school holidays. Peak periods tend to be Winter Break, Spring Break, summer holiday and the week prior to the Christmas high season. You will need to check dates and prices depending on which time of year you wish to visit.

However, do not despair! This leaves plenty of other opportunities for you to go other times in the year, such as January to mid-February. This time of the year is great if you haven’t any children or your children are very young and are not in school yet. August is also a good time to visit as children in Florida are back at school but children in the UK and other areas are still on vacation.

One thing to note however is that the temperatures are very high in August, so you will want to invest in a well air-conditioned hotel or Villa and you may also want to ensure your villa or hotel has a pool which can be great for cooling off after long walks around the parks. Plan to hit the parks early and late in the day to avoid the midday heat.

September is also a fantastic time to visit Florida and is often cited as the best time to go. There will be a slight increase in accommodation prices due to Halloween and Columbus Day weekend however it is still less expensive than the aforementioned peak times. The crowds have thinned out by this time and it is a good time to bag yourself some really great deals!

Best time to visit to miss the crowds & queues?

If you detest waiting in long lines and want to spend as much time visiting as many rides and attractions as possible here is a guide on the best times of the day to visit the many parks Orlando has to offer including, DisneyUniversal Studios and Sea World.

It will come as no surprise that visiting the parks at off-peak times will guarantee shorter waiting times and weekends are generally much busier and crowded than weekdays. It is also worth avoiding special events at the parks which will help to reduce your queuing times if they are of no interest to you. For example, Disney has events which take place year in and year out including Epcot International Flower & Garden FestivalMickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and these events really draw the crowds in.

Queues at Disney

To make efficient use of your time, you can use the FastPass+ to considerably lessen your wait time. Also using the single rider queue if you are on your own or happy to ride alone will cut down your waiting times for rides and attractions. If you are staying close to the parks consider visiting the parks early morning and taking a break in-between and returning later on in the day when the crowds are smaller and the temperatures are lower.

In summary, the best time to visit when the parks are least crowded tends to be January to mid-February, early September to mid-November and also early to mid-December. You will find that these are the least expensive times to visit the parks in regards to accommodation so it really is win-win!

When is the best weather?

Florida is famous for its amazing weather, after all, it’s official nickname is the sunshine state, however, Florida can reach very high temperatures at certain times of the year and many of us aren’t prepared for the Florida heat and humidity. With this in mind, it may best to travel when the climate is a little cooler during the winter months.

Typically you will find that the time of year with the lowest temperatures are January, February, March, November, and December, with hottest months being July and August.

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