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Disney World on a Budget in 2017/18

Disney world attracts roughly a million British tourists each year and is generally considered the trip of a lifetime, which can make it an expensive option for a vacation. However if you are a little savvy and spend some time pre planning you really can make the most of your Orlando Holiday by saving your cash with a few clever tips and tricks


Staying at the Disney resorts does have its advantages with being on the doorstep of Disney as well as free transport around the parks however it can be costly due to it’s convenience. However there are ways of saving money if you are happy to stay a little further out.

A pool at a Villa in Florida

Renting a Villa in Orlando can be a really great way of saving some money as big families or a group of friends can share the villa rental costs. You can also save on eating out every night by ordering a takeaway or buying food from the local supermarket and cooking yourself. See here for our top 5 reasons to rent a Florida Villa. You can also save money by booking direct with the owners rather than an agency to ensure you get the best deal possible. Find an Orlando, Florida Villa.

Food and Drink – How to save money

Food and drink can be expensive in the parks and can soon add up if you are feeding the whole family. Eating outside the parks will keep costs down by filling up with a large breakfast before you head out and leaving again in the evening to eat out of the resorts where meal prices are generally lower. If you would prefer to eat in the park you can try filling up in one of the main buffets in the park which should keep you going for most of the day!

The hot weather will more than likely cause you to drink more and its important to stay hydrated however having to buy fizzy drinks all day can burn a hole in your packet fast. Take an empty water bottle and fill up from the free water fountains that are dotted around the parks. Souvenir drinks are a nice way to keep a token of your visit, these can be refilled around the park for free and can often work out cheaper than buying separate drinks especially if you share between the family.


Merchandise can work out expensive and with the vast amount of souvenir shops dotted around the parks it can be hard to keep your little ones from wanting everything they see.

A great tip is to buy a Disney autograph book so not only do they have an official Disney souvenir but it keeps them busy collecting all the character signatures throughout the day and is only just under $7.00. You can even just buy a regular notebook, we guarantee getting Mickey Mouse’s paw print signature will be just as exciting!

Premium Outlets Mall in Orlando, Florida

You can also keep the costs down by visiting the Disney Character Warehouse at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets Mall which is located near Downtown Disney. You will find they have official Disney merchandise with massive reductions from between 50 to 80%. It is the same stock as within the parks and is often overstock or from previous seasons which means you can save money and keep the kids happy aswell.


Don’t wait until you are at the parks to book your tickets, you can get good value tickets by booking in advance. The best value tickets are those that cover a longer period of for example a 14 day ticket at £304 for an adult and £289 for a child is only £10 dearer than a 7 day ticket. Buy Florida theme park tickets and check out the latest deals on all the parks in Orlando, Florida.

Cheapest time to visit?

As well as the knowing the cheapest time to visit which generally tends to be August and September. It is also ideal to know the best time to visit Orlando to find out about the weather, accommodation prices and queue waiting times.


You will need to pay for parking at Disney every time you visit the parks, your ticket will not be valid the next day without purchasing a new one. However you can re-use the same parking ticket for all Disney parks when you visit more than one park in a day. The cost depends on your vehicle however assuming you have a car it will cost you $17.00 for a ticket. Some parks have free entry after a certain time in the evening so you can always return later on.

We hoped you enjoyed reading all our top tips for visiting Florida on a budget. If you have any suggestions on how to save money just comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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