Guide to Disney’s, Pandora – The World of Avatar

Avatar Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom

‘Pandora – The World of Avatar is based upon the exoplanetary moon, Pandora, home to the blue-skinned Na’vi species made famous from Jame’s Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster movie, ‘Avatar’ .

If you’ve been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, you will be all to familiar with the current themed attractions they have to offer – ‘Africa’, ‘Asia’, ‘Discovery Land’, ‘Oasis’ and ‘Dinoland U.S.A’. Now there’s a whole new area to go and discover, named ‘Pandora, The World of Avatar’. This fantastic new 12 acre addition which started work in January 2014, and just recently opened in May, is based on James Cameron’s 2009 hit movie ‘Avatar’, which has been brought to life through floating mountain’s, alien wildlife and bioluminescent plants!

Check out the quick preview of ‘Pandora, The World of Avatar’:

If you are like me, then that video got you pretty excited, so keep on reading to find out what there is inside ‘Pandora, The World of Avatar’…

There are plenty of places to have a bite to eat and do a touch of retail therapy, but the real reason to visit Pandora is the two major attraction’s, ‘Avatar Flight of Passage’ and ‘Na’vi River Journey’.

Avatar Flight of Passage

This is a fantastic 3D flight simulator ride, sync yourself to a mountain Banshee within the remains of the Resources Development Administration facility, strap up and take a flight on a mountain Banshee and soar across the breathtaking landscape of Pandora…

Your job is to try and attempt to restore the banshee population to natural levels, the Avatar program has been reactivated to do the research needed, so get along to the ride, and see if you can help! Don’t worry you won’t fly too far away, you will be back to earth within 5 minute’s…

Na’vi River Journey

Take a boat ride through the Kasvapan River, you will meet the native animals and bioluminescent flora along the way. This is Disney’s most advanced Audio-animatronic technology to date and a true feast for the eyes!

After you have soared through the sky on a Banshee around Pandora and sailed down the Na’vi River, make sure you take some time to watch Swotu Wayä (“sacred place of song”) to perform a traditional Na’vi Drum Ceremony at various times throughout the day and evening, this area is located right in the heart of the Mo’ara Valley.

Walking into the entrance of the Navi River Journey

Don’t forget to visit Colors of Mo’ara where your little one’s or even yourself can get your faces painted with traditional Pandoran markings.

Pandora, The World of Avatar is an experience not to be missed for all of the family whilst visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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