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Florida Guide

Welcome to our fantastic guide to Florida. Here you will find handy information for first timers as well as seasoned visitors such as tips on how to save money, driving around Florida and top places to see and things to do.

You can find exciting new updates on Orlando’s biggest attractions and theme parks as well as information on Florida Keys, Miami and the Gulf Coast where you can enjoy vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches and experience a variety of activities to suit all ages.

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  • If you’re thinking of visiting Orlando, Florida, between 15th September and 4th November, then you are probably already considering Universal Halloween Horror Nights. This year’s season is running for a monster 34 nights, so there are lots of chances to visit one of the classic horror houses or see what new horrors Universal have come up with for this year.

  • ‘Pandora – The World of Avatar is based upon the exoplanetary moon, Pandora, home to the blue-skinned Na’vi species made famous from Jame's Cameron's 2009 blockbuster movie, 'Avatar’

  • Volcano Bay is Universal Orlando Resort’s newest water park, replacing their famous and one of the most popular Water Park’s in Florida, Wet ’n Wild. Set around a 200 foot tall volcano, named “Krakatau” as the centrepiece of the park which houses 3 amazing drop slides.

  • The length of Florida’s Gulf coastline stretches an amazing 770 miles and is a popular tourist destination due to its plethora of dazzling white beaches and year round sunny weather.

  • Disney world attracts roughly a million British tourists each year and is generally considered the trip of a lifetime, which can make it an expensive option for a vacation. However if you are a little savvy and spend some time pre planning you really can make the most of your Orlando Holiday by saving your cash with a few clever tips and tricks

  • The prospect of driving in Florida can be quite daunting however it doesn’t need to be! Here is our guide and general tips for getting around Orlando, Florida in your rental car.

  • If you’ve got a large family or even if theres just a few of you, staying in a hotel room can be a nightmare. The fight for bathroom time, trying to watch the tv on low when the kids are asleep next to you, not much privacy and even less space.

  • If you fancy taking a trip to Florida but would like to escape the hustle and bustle of Orlando’s many theme parks, then Florida Keys may be for you. With its sparkling blue waters and temperatures on average reaching 30℃ in the summer months, it is easy to see why it has been dubbed the ‘American Caribbean’ by locals and tourist alike.

  • So you are thinking of visiting Orlando, Florida but have no idea when the best time of year to go is? We take a look at a few factors to help you decide when it comes to that all important holiday!

  • Miami is home to the busiest cruise port in the world. It accommodates 5 of the leading cruise lines, and with millions of passengers travelling through the port each year it is easy to see why it has been dubbed the ‘Cruise capitol of the world’.

  • When you’re not hanging out with Mickey, checking out Hogwarts at The Wizarding world of Harry Potter or even lazing around at one of Orlando’s many beautiful beaches, Florida is an amazing place to shop and grab some fantastic bargains. Below is a list of the best places to shop so get your comfy shoes on and make some room in your suitcase…